Casino Bonuses

Online casinos available in live states offer a great selection of bonuses and sign-up offers that players can take advantage of. Each online casino bonus offers something slightly different, whether that be a free sign-up bonus, money back on net losses or a certain number of free slot spins.

Casino operators such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM all offer their own online casino bonus that lets you enjoy playing online casino games even sooner!

With so many offers available in each of the live sates, including Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our experts have put together a guide on the best online casino bonus you can find, along with how to activate bonuses and the various types of online casino bonus on offer.

Live Online Casino Bonuses

Here at Action Rush, we’ve done the hard work for you and have compiled a complete list of each live online casino bonus from the top operators. As you will see below, there are a number of different online casino offers currently available that players can take advantage of, allowing you to dive into the action even sooner. Make the most of these online casino no deposit bonuses and sign-up bonuses so you can enjoy the slots, table games and live dealer games you love.

Top Online Casino Bonus Codes

There are plenty of online casino bonuses that you can take advantage of right now! Whether you are after a new player sign up bonus or a money back when you bet bonus, we have some of the best online casino bonuses to choose from. Take a look below at some of the offers available from the top online casino sites:

DraftKings Online Casino

One of the top online casino operators in the country, DraftKings always has a number of great offers available. This current offer is a free $2,050 online casino no deposit bonus when you download the app. To claim this offer, click the link below to download the DraftKings app on iOS or Android and activate this fantastic online casino bonus!

FanDuel Online Casino

Another top operator, FanDuel is no stranger to offering great online casino bonuses, and this bonus in particular is no exception. This current casino bonus offers players the chance to claim back 100% of their net losses up to $2,000. That means that you’re jump in and enjoy their online casino games right away! Players just need to make sure to place their first bet within 24 hours of signing up to be able to claim this fantastic online casino promo.

BetMGM Online Casino

BetMGM is currently offering one of the best online casino sign up bonuses out there. New players can take advantage of a $1,100 free bonus when they sign up for a BetMGM account. All you need to do is click the link below, sign up for an account and activate the bonus to claim your online casino free bonus.

BetRivers Online Casino

A rising force in the world of online casino, BetRivers have jumped on board in offering new players online casino bonuses. Currently, new players can claim 100% of their losses back up to $250 when clicking the link below. Just make sure to place your first wager within 24 hours of creating your account to be able to claim this BetRivers online casino bonus.

How to Claim an Online Casino Bonus

To be able to take advantage of any of the great online casino bonuses above, you need to know how to activate a casino bonus correctly. This is usually a simple process and will allow you to take make the most of the offer right away. The typical step-by-step process for claiming an online casino bonus is as follows:

  • Click on any of the bonus links above.
  • Players will be taken to sign up page where they can register for an account. This will involve providing details such as name, address, SSN and other required details to be verify your identity and that you are of legal gambling age.
  • You will then be able to input the online casino bonus code that would have been provided when you activated the offer.
  • Make sure your account is verified.
  • Enjoy playing online casino games!

If you do have any issues when attempting to claim an online casino bonus, each of the casino operators have extensive guides and customer support teams to help.

Types of Online Casino Bonus

These days, with the number of offers available, there are a wide range of different types of online casino bonuses that players can take advantage of. This provides players with a wide range of choice on how to maximise their online casino experience, as well as allowing players to jump into their favourite slots and table games straight away.

No Deposit Online Casino Bonus

One of the most popular bonuses out there, a no deposit online casino bonus is exactly that, a bonus that players can claim without having to make prior deposits to their account. No deposit bonuses vary in terms of the size of the bonus that can be claimed, with some such as DraftKings offering a $2,050 no deposit bonus!

Online casino no deposit bonuses are usually only available to new players who sign up for a new account, with the funds added to that account for you to enjoy. It allows players to dive right into their favourite slots or table games without any the need for prior deposits, which is why it remains one of the most popular online casino bonus types out there.

Welcome Bonus

Similar to a no deposit bonus, an online casino welcome bonus is a bonus designed to allow new players to try out different casino games without risking their own significant funds. Where the two differentiate is a welcome bonus typically requires players to deposit initial funds into their account, at which point the welcome bonus is then added.

This type of bonus is for new players only, with players required to create a new account and deposit funds before the bonus can be claimed.

Online Slot Bonuses

Slots remain the most popular online casino game, and therefore several online casinos offer exclusive bonuses for online slot players. These offers typically are focussed to providing players bonuses for playing certain types of slots or groups of slots, usually within a certain time period (24 hours, for example).

Players can earn rewards for consistently playing certain online slot games, with these rewards coming in the form of casino credits, free spins or cash rewards. Players may also find themselves receiving free entries into jackpot draws!

Referral Bonus

Something that has become more widely used across multiple industries along with online casino, referral bonuses provide players with rewards for referring other players to the site. This bonus is designed to provide rewards to players who can refer additional new players to the site.

Rewards from online casino referral bonuses typically are given in the form of funds deposited into your account, free spins or bets on certain games or online casino credits.

Online Casino Deposit Methods

With many players wanting to take advantage of welcome bonuses, you’ll want to know the best way to deposit funds into your account to be able to take advantage of each online casino bonus. We outlined some of the current most popular deposit methods below. Be sure to check your specific state to see exactly which deposit methods are available.

Payment MethodTypeAvg. Deposit TimeTransaction FeesAvailable Casinos
VisaCredit CardInstantBetween 0.8% to 3.8 %All online casinos
MasterCardCredit CardInstantBetween 0.8% to 3.8 %All online casinos
PayPaleWalletInstantNo feeCheck available state casinos
PayNearMe7-Eleven/CashInstantNo feeMost online casinos
ACH transfer/e-checkOnline bank transferInstantNo feeMost online casinos
Branded pre-paid cardPrepaid cardInstantNo feeCheck available state casinos

Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

When claiming online casino bonuses, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions for each individual bonus. This will ensure that you can make the most of each respective bonus whilst also understanding the requirements the must be met before you are able to make withdrawals.

One of the most important things to be aware of is the Wagering and Rollover requirement. This is often referred to as a “playthrough” and essentially refers to the amount you are required to bet before you are able to withdraw an online casino bonus,

This rate usually ranges between 10x and 50x. This means that if you receive a $250 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement for example, you would be required to wager 20 times the bonus amount before any bonus funds are added to your account. In this example, you would be required to place $5,000 ($250 x 20 = $5,000) before your bonus can be claimed.

Wagering requirements can vary between online casinos and are dependent on several other factors, however it is worth becoming familiar with this concept to understand what may be required before you are able to claim your online casino bonus.

Online Casino Bonus FAQs

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How do I take advantage of an online casino bonus?

You can take advantage of any of the online casino bonuses you find above by clicking on each link, signing up for an account and activating the bonus, usually through imputing the online casino bonus code that is provided.

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What is the best online casino bonus?

There are many great online casino bonuses currently available. Both DraftKings and FanDuel currently offer two of the best online casino bonuses, however there are many more that you can choose from.

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Can I have multiple casino bonuses?

Typically, you are only able to take advantage of one bonus at a time when playing an online casino. However, we recommend checking their terms and conditions and FAQ section for more details.

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How do online casino bonuses work?

Online casino bonuses come in several different forms and therefore work in different ways. Some bonuses deposit funds straight into your account, others require you to add funds to your account before you can claim the bonus. There are also bonuses that you can be rewarded with for playing certain types of games, such as slot bonuses.

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How old do I need to be to claim online casino bonuses?

In order to claim an online casino bonus, players will need to meet the legal age requirement for online gambling in your state. This will typically be 21 years of age.