College Football Consensus Picks & Public Bets Percentage Trends

NCAA Football: Who is the public betting on February 23, 2023?

The latest college football betting trends and public bets percentages from DraftKings sportsbook, BetMGM and Caesars are updated here on a daily basis.

About College Football Consensus Picks

While the NFL is of course the most popular sport to bet on, college football is right behind it. As more and more states are set to add legal sports betting, the popularity for betting on college football will continue to grow. In the southeastern US, college football is more popular than the NFL in some areas. This makes for quite the potential edge in college football betting.

When it comes to betting on college football, there is more and more information and data that is released every year for bettors to make decisions on which side to wager on for a given game, total, or futures. After viewing this type of information, the first question bettors have is how can I use this information to help me place bets?

How do I use college football betting consensus information?

In college football, there is said to be a larger edge over the legal sportsbooks than other sports given the number of teams that are able to be wagered on, and the uncertainty of CFB metrics. In college football, the most popular betting type is on the spread, and we see some large ones when big programs such as Alabama face smaller programs such as Old Dominion. It is not uncommon to see spreads of 30+ points throughout the season for various games.

To use the college football betting consensus, you have to look at which games are being heavily wagered on for one side or the other. If it’s a nationally televised game that is quite popular, chances are it is skewed a bit by fandom or the casual bettor. If you find a game between two middle-of-the-road teams that has a heavy lean, most likely some heavy, sharp action has been placed on that specific side. The next question comes when should I bet with or against the public?

Should I bet with or against the public in college football?

The answer to betting with or against the betting public in college football is not cut-and-dry, as it depends on the given situation. For example, if SMU faces SCAR and SCAR is favored by 5.5 points, but 80% of the money is on SMH, that means someone is leaning heavily in that direction, favoring SMU. If the total bets is split around 50/50, that means that while the total tickets are split, way more money is on SMU for this particular game suggesting a lot of heavy action. In this example, it is said that bettors will side with the public as it is not a popular game.

In the same example if this were Northwestern vs. Penn State, that is between two states that have legal online sports betting and would have a greater chance of wagering on the hometown team. Fans like to wager on their team to win, which will skew public betting percentages. This would be an example that bettors suggest to fade the public, as the sportsbooks look to win in the long term.

College Football Consensus FAQ

What are CFB Consensus Picks?

CFB consensus picks detail the betting percentage that the betting public is on for a college football game. The college football consensus provides bettors an indication of how much action sportsbooks are seeing on either side of a given college football matchup.

Should I fade public CFB bets?

Many sports bettors like to fade college football (and other) public bets or consensus pick percentages. The numbers behind this betting theory are not as strong as most people think, but if played properly could certainly equal solid returns.

Should I bet on college football favorites more often?

College football home favorites do not cover to the level of NFL home favorites, mostly due to the vast number of points in the given spread with a talent difference at the CFB level.

Best College Football Odds for This Week

A look at the latest odds for this week in college football.

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